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Water Spot and mineral remover

Water Spot and mineral remover

  • Waterspot Mineral Remover is perfect for removing mineral contamination caused by highly sedimented limestone that can no longer be removed with a classic washing cycle consisting of pre-wash and wash with neutral or alkaline shampoo.


    Before using this product, we advise you to proceed with a thorough washing, according to the correct washing sequence: rims and tires, pre-wash and manual washing with shampoo.


    If at the end of drying there remain: limescale stains, strongly anchored mineral residues or halos on the crystals, Waterspot Mineral Remover is perfect for removing these sedimented contaminations.


    Having carried out a complete washing, it will be easier to identify all the points where the contamination is concentrated and to act in a localized way with the most suitable technique.

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